The Wolf Symposium is more than just lectures and discussions – extend your stay in Vålådalen.

Welcome to the Wolf Symposium

12-14 March 2018 in Vålådalen

The Wolf Symposium is an information and discussion forum that is open to everyone. We, Mats & Karin from Taiga Nature & Photo, have organised the symposium every year since 1994. The Wolf Symposium is now the largest annual meeting in Scandinavia for discussions and knowledge dissemination relating to our large carnivores and the problems and opportunities that follow in their tracks.

Open to everyone. The Wolf Symposium is a forum at which everyone who has an interest in issues relating to large carnivores, for and against, can meet to learn from each other’s experiences and to discuss issues about large carnivores, their biology, their ecological role in nature and how we can find ways to co-exist with them. Increasing populations of large carnivores bring both joy and worry and there is a great need to voice feelings in an atmosphere that is not governed by public authorities.

Not only wolves. Initially the Wolf Symposium was devoted only to wolves, but very soon it was widened to cover all Sweden’s species of large carnivores, as well as human-carnivore interaction.

The idea is to bring people together for mutual discussions – people who work with large carnivores, people who experience problems with carnivores, people who live in areas with carnivores and people who are simply interested in carnivores and wish to discuss them from various perspectives.

Foreign guest speakers. In addition to Scandinavian speakers, we always invite scientists/guest speakers from other parts of the world. This is an important part of the conference, providing knowledge about large carnivores and management issues in different regions. The guest speakers’ talks are always greatly appreciated by all the participants.

THANK YOU for making it possible to hold The Wolf Symposium 2018!

For more information and registration, please contact Mats Ericson

E-mail: mats(at)taigaphoto.se     |    Phone: +46 (0)70 647 5225